Phone    : 541-600-4090

Toll free : 800-801-7010

Fax         : 541-600-2152       

              : 800-541-1499


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About us

We are one of the newest taxi cab companies in Eugene and Springfield metro area.

We provide affordable and reliable taxi cab service with experienced and safe drivers.

We always welcome any feed back from our customers to better our service. Thank you for your business.

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Flag drop        $2.75

Distance         $1.75/mile                                  $0.25/1:7 mile

Waiting/time  $24/hour                                    $0.40/minute

Extra person  $1/person

Bicycle           $1/bicycle

Minimum fares

         $5(Eugene)                   $10(Springfield)

$10(Jump start)

    $10(Fuel delivery)



Getting you around whenever, wherever!

Lowest rate in town! 

Airport pick up, drop off.

Around town anywhere.

Discount flat rate for out of town, long trips.

Discount flat rate for same frequent trips.

Courier, delivery service.

Corporate account.

Jump start.

Fuel delivery.


Call : 541-600-4090

       : 800-541-1499(Toll free)

Taxi Cab in Eugene

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Call to schedule  - 541-600-4090.  We are available 24/7